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If you came here for a think piece, this ain’t it. When you’ve been in the house two years, what you create is inspired by what you experienced in solitude and what you wish to experience once you return outside.

Stay tuned.

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The look for less: Beyonce in Gucci

Bey rocked a $22,000 Gucci S/S 2017 print kimono with fur trim to the NBA All-Star game this past Sunday, and it’s such a chill yet “unapologetically glamourous” (per Vogue) look for the upcoming season–whether you’re expecting twins or not.

I’ve been slow to embrace the pajamas-as-daywear look, but I have been saving an H&M kimono that might work this way. Here’s my take on the luxe and laidback look, featuring an ivory silk cami from J. Crew and destroyed denim from American Eagle Outfitters. (I may try this with white denim and denim shorts too.)

And now that I’m really looking at it, a little fox fur D-I-Y may be in order.

Images via Hello Beautiful, J. Crew and H&M

I’m here for #Formation. Here’s why. 


Oh, y’all thought you were going to survive Super Bowl 50/Mardi Gras/the weekend without getting your wig snatched? In the middle of our Saturdays we were all blessed with a new song+video from Queen Bey. If you’ve been living under a rock on an undiscovered planet, the clean version is provided HERE.

Now let’s discuss. The Internet is on FIRE trying to deconstruct what it means, such that I am experiencing analysis paralysis while I bounce to the beat. The song unapologetically celebrates Mrs. Carter’s proud heritage and motherhood. It also makes a pointed statement on race, class, work ethic and creativity. What she’s been serving all along–and the side she let us see in her self-titled surprise album in late 2013–comes into even sharper focus. And is baby sis Solange driving the getaway car???

Beyoncé releases new single, music video ‘Formation (Dirty)’
Bey’s “Formation” is getting on folks’ nerves for the same reasons Cam Newton’s dabbing does. The thing is, they don’t care whether we’re here for it or not because they both have a radical sense of self-acceptance that doesn’t depend on our opinions. Even more radically, she’s raising a precocious little black girl to love herself, baby hair, Afro and all. And she doesn’t give a pot of Mama Tina’s red beans what we think about it. She rocks multiple hair styles in this video and celebrates her “Negro” nose and dares you to suggest she alter (or contour) it.  She’s gonna make us ALL dance to this message, and maybe we’ll start loving our own uncommon beauty, unique backgrounds and unusual tastes–our weird, wonderful, conflicted, contradictory selves–whoever we are, wherever we come from and however we’re made. We’ll go off, “go hard/get what’s [ours]” no matter what our haters say or do. That’s why there’s a church scene: because Bey just gave us all Gospel. Then she turns the “BlackLivesMatter” movement on its ear, with a little black boy dance battling a line of policemen–easily my favorite part of the video.  Has she always been “woke,” i.e. totally self-aware and/or socially conscious? Have you?  Is she here to speak for or even save the African-American experience or community? Are you?

Reflect on your own emotional, physical, social, financial, and spiritual evolution. Are you the same person you were fifteen years ago? I hope not. I am not even the same person I was a week before my last birthday! When you free yourself, you too will slay, swerve, serve, second line, toss sequins and twirl regardless of how other people respond–if they respond at all.  You’ll do it on your own timeline. And you won’t need anyone’s permission. As for me, I’m headed to Red Lobster…and yes, I have hot sauce in my bag. Bye!


Images via Vogue and Hypable

Bow down


And yet SHE dropped an entire visual album while most of us were asleep last night.

Download it on iTunes while I exit to get my life together…

King Bey. HBO. February 16.

Will you be watching? I know I’m going to be all up in the tv!

“Power is not given to you. You have to take it. You’re playing a part in a much bigger show. And…that’s what life is.”

– Beyonce, Life is but a Dream

HERE’S one of my all-time favorite performances from Mrs. Carter, and HERE’S the brand new release from Destiny’s Children.

Wait a minute.

I believe ‘Girls Run the World,’ and I love to Party’…but do you mean to tell me the same person who reportedly appears on the cover of next month’s GQ in what my grandmother would call “drawers” and 25% of a tee shirt is the SAME person who will be singing the National Anthem at the President’s inauguration on January 21st?

I know this is her year, with a Super Bowl performance, an HBO documentary, an insane Pepsi deal AND new music on the way. I respect her hustle and her talent, and I let her slide one time – but Baddie Bey: please, put on some clothes!

After all: Blue Ivy, Malia, Sasha and the OMG Girlz (pictured above) are watching.

*Gets off soapbox*

For the record, I drink Coca-Cola exclusively and I’m available! I kid, I kid. Sort of.

Mrs. Shawn Carter reportedly inked a $50 million dollar deal and will be featured on limited edition series of cans, which will be released in Europe first. Haute!

But where are her pants?

Image via Tionna Smalls/Instagram

We Admit It

…we’re officially jealous of Beyonce and her post-baby body.  Chick is svelte and undeniably FABULOUS, stepping out last night for hubby Jay-Z’s concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall (one month after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy!).  Check out NY Daily News’ coverage here.  Her curve-hugging ruched “Molina” dress is by Alice  By Temperley, and the killer pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

Images via Joe Marino/NY Daily News

Sister Act: Beyonce & Solange Knowles

Fashionable sisters Beyonce and Solange Knowles were recently named to Vogue Magazine’s 2011 Best Dressed List.  The duo, who just hit up New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2012 shows, are known for their edgy, distinctive style.  Solange, who is a dj, mommy to Julez and one of the faces of Carol’s Daughter, wows in her her Prabal Gurung for J. Crew ensemble.  And soon-to-be mommy and singer/actress/designer/fragrance creator Beyonce is a quick change artist in beige sequins, then a beige leather and tulle ruffled mini.  Flawless hair and makeup for both complete the looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images courtesy of Google

Haute or Not? Queen Latifah and Beyonce Launch Lines

Queen Latifah recently launched an apparel line via HSN…and the results are decidedly…meh…for someone who has access to the creme de la creme of fashion and admitted to New York Magazine that she has “expensive taste.” Prices range from $269.90 for the asymmetrical zip jacket , $89.90 for the knit poncho, and $299 for the studded patent-patch satchel.  

Um…we’ll pass.

 And in other label launch news, if the news that the House of Dereon is up for sale made you jump for joy, sit back down.  The tea is that Mama Tina’s Houston-area digs are on the market.  Ms. Knowles and the expectant Mrs. Knowles-Carter have revamped and relaunched (yes, again) their couture line and released it exclusively through Selfridge’s of London. The line features toned-down casual separates and you can view the pieces here.

And again, we’ll pass…unless Bey’s bedazzled suit becomes available.

Images courtesy of  Stylish Curves and Getty Images

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