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Devante and his ponytail appeared at the Soul Train Awards this evening.



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We’re #FedUp

About what, you ask? The amount of sugar in the food we eat.

At the urging of my aunt Philisia, I was invited to watch the trailer for Fed Up, a new documentary which exposes sugar as a factor for the obesity crisis in America. The information is eye-opening.

Now, nearly 20 family members and I are embarking on the #FedUpChallenge, a 10 day sugar-free fast. We’re checking labels for and avoiding products with added sugar (there are 56 words used for labeling sugar!), sharing daily menus and keeping each other encouraged in an effort to lessen the amount of sugar in our diets. Hey – we’re sweet enough already! But more beyond that, what we put IN our bodies is more important than what we put ON them.

It’s not easy, but this is a test of mind over matter…and I’m committed to making better choices for my health. I will share Day 1 and Day 10 observations in case you’re interested in trying the challenge yourself.

Yesterday was Day 1 for me, and I really should have emptied my pantry, fridge and freezer before beginning. EVERYTHING has sugar in it, and the sodas I thrive on seem to be taunting me! But I soldiered on, having spiced coffee at breakfast and a huge Greek salad from Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch. I did use Zoe’s Dressing (no sugar! Awesome!). At dinnertime I began fantasizing about chocolate cake and M&Ms but had barbecued chicken (no sauce), half of a baked sweet potato and tomato and cucumber salad with a splash of vinegar instead. I drank a glass of 100% cranberry juice and went to bed. (And no visions of sugar plums danced in my head.)

I will admit that along with extreme sugar cravings, I’ve had extreme headaches which I’m attributing to not drinking sodas (one of the biggest sources of sugar consumption for me). After I read that the FDA advises 6 teaspoons of sugar (about 24 grams) a day for women – but bottled sodas can have 65 grams, and I was drinking more than a bottle a day! – I tried SmartWater instead. I’m not a water drinker, but maybe this challenge will change that. I’ll also be using these tips for the rest of the challenge, and I’m hoping I don’t cave in! I miss biscuits and honey! 😦







This is another “No.”


I Wanna Know what made singer-songwriter Joe think this ensemble was okay? Of All The Things one could choose to wear, why this? If you Don’t Wanna Be (mistaken for) a Player, guys, this isn’t the look.

There are better ways to incorporate color ad print into your wardrobe; this just isn’t one of them. The open neckline and pants from the upholstery department at Calico Corners are an assault on the eyes. Please don’t try this at home, gentlemen.

Back to Basics


Here we go again.

The wake up call was sitting down and realizing the entire back seam of my skirt had split. At work. (No, I don’t work from home.) Try easing out of a public space with your backside barely covered! Not chic.

I fell off the Get Fit bandwagon due to over-extending myself and not prioritizing my health, but am getting my life and getting after it again. Walking, spinning, lots of water, portion control and eating clean (or my variation of that) are back in my routine these days. Next week I’ll begin shredding (third time’s the charm!), and I’ll try to spare you the agony. But this time I’ll share the results; that will keep me honest.

Quitters never win, right?



For the love of God, why, Dwyane? This is the look you decide to break out for Game 3 against the Nets? Or anywhere else, for that matter? This is exactly the type of get-up that makes me throw my hands up in dismay. *clutches pearls*

If you’re wondering whether this look is one you need to break out for spring and summer, the answer is an emphatic “No.”

Just…no. Please don’t. Trust me.

Tip of the day


Want to try a matte lip but hate the drying effect some of them have?

Try prepping your pout with a moisturizing balm first; I like Blistex’s Silk & Shine, which has real silk extracts and SPF 15.

Oh, and give “duck lips” a rest, please. They wrinkle your lips!


If I have to explain to you why Rihanna’s AMAs hairstyle is a haute mess, you’re reading the wrong blog. Ladies and gentlemen, never appear in public – or accept an award – in a doobie wrap, rollers or bedtime head scarf of any sort.

I don’t care how bedazzled they are.

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