In which I camp out at Target and toss sequins over ABC 33/40

       Click HERE to watch what happens live, as Chanda Temple and I visit ABC 33/40 to promote Fashion Friday! (Click on each picture to see full-size versions.)

Darkness, everybody...darkness!

Darkness, everybody…darkness!

Recognize my lovely blouse? Of course you do. It was every woman for herself last Saturday morning at the Target + Neiman Marcus launch.   I roused myself at 5AM to camp out at Hoover West SuperTarget and met Jenny Luttrell and her daughter Anna-Laura from Hoover, who were also in pursuit of designer fashion at deep discounts.  The ladies arrived impressively prepared with camping chairs and snacks, while I parked it on the concrete (It was early. My only “plan “was to grab the shirt and get out, quickly. I didn’t think about the two hours and a half hours I’d have to kill while exposed to the elements).  The Ladies Luttrell and I amused ourselves by reading Neiman Marcus’ twitter feed, but quickly abandoned that when we realized shoppers in other cities being treated to coffee, a hot chocolate bar and cookies and were “glamping” on plush sofas. (Not that we were down in the mouth long; Target’s managers were kind enough to bring us breakfast.)

All we saw for several hours were joggers and curious “regular” shoppers looking to make more conventional purchases once the doors opened at 8.  By 7:45, at least 4 others had joined us in line.  Which meant there was really no reason for me to break out into a sprint once the doors were opened,  but I felt a burst of adrenaline so powerful that I lit out anyway, grabbing the object of my obsession as well as something for my mother.

Sunrise on the curb

Sunrise on the curb

There was no couture-mad crowd, no melee over Marc Jacobs, no come to Jesus moments over Oscar de la Renta, and no shoppers were maimed in the name of Marchesa.  I really wish Marchesa had created something special for grown ladies, especially when I saw one pocket-sized, ingenious young woman had tried on one of the GORGEOUS ivory Marchesa party dresses that I couldn’t pull over my kneecaps. Sigh.

Anyway, on Monday I paired my top with dark denim and nude pumps, which complemented my newly-red hair (courtesy of James Adams at Renovare), to illustrate a dressy casual look for our visit to ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama. I was feeling pretty snazzy when I tweeted my photo and even snazzier when Target unexpectedly rewarded me with a $25 gift card!


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