R2 Express Salon introduces the Renovare System

James A. Adams, Jr. of R2 Express Salon and Renovare


R2 Express Salon  in Alabaster delights customers with fashionable and budget-friendly hair, done fast.   Salon owner, color specialist and Clairol platform artist James Adams offers  the Renovare System via his newest venture: R2 Express Concept Salon.  The concept: “banging” haircuts, predictable color results and a variety of professional services including makeup and skincare, “whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or try out the latest trends”.  Spending your entire day at the beauty parlor? That’s out.   Go in for professional customer service and premier styling that is respectful of your schedule: the Managers’ Special offers a shampoo, reconstructor,  round brush blow dry and flat iron finish completed in an hour and a half, for $30.

Or it’s FREE.  Guaranteed.

R2 Express gets you in and out in an hour and a half, because you’ve got better things to do with your time.

R2 Express Salon was founded in May 2012 and uses only the best products by Design Essentials, Pravana, Nairobi and Clairol.  The salon is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM-6PM and Saturdays from 9 AM-4PM.  It is located at 1615 Kent Dairy Road, Alabaster AL 35007.  James Adams, Renovare’s artists have been featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair, have been selected Best Hair Salon by Fox 6 News, and were named one of the Top 100 Urban Elite Salons by Salon Sense Magazine.  For more information regarding R2 Express Salon, please contact James Adams at (205) 620-1369 or via email at quivisfull@aol.com or visit the website
Full disclosure:   I’ve been James’ client for five years.  A co-worker had GORGEOUS hair (I’m talking Pantene-commercial worthy hair), and one day I just asked who her stylist was.   I’d tried multiple stylists since I moved here, with varying results plus many Saturdays spent in a salon.  Over the years, James aided my transition away from chemically relaxed hair and has overseen several color changes, a major hair cut and helped me find the courage to rock my natural curls. 

Image via James A. Adams, Jr.


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