I Love My: Nude Pumps

‘Parade’ pump by BCBGeneration, $89.99

Ladies, there’s nothing like a buff or beige pump to lengthen the leg. What I also love about a nude pump is that as a neutral accessory, it’s very versatile.  So whether you’re wearing neon, pastel, a primary color or basic black, this shoe will complement your ensemble.  My best practice is to keep a couple of pairs: a strappy sandal to wear with sundresses, jumpsuits and shorts and my current love: a closed-toe platform in a cashew-colored snakeskin.  The animal print gives it visual interest, and the covered platform and stiletto heel will give your legs a wow factor!

Of course, skintones vary and thankfully so do the options.  It’s very easy nowadays to find a shoe that will flatter your complexion in a toasted almond, beige, tan and so forth.  Make it a must-have for your collection.

P.S. if you find your pair is a little too tight, be sure to stretch it so that you don’t injure your feet.  Your local shoe repair can do this, or you can try what I did: a shoe stretcher!  It’s a wooden insert with a screw you turn to widen it.  Mine (okay, the one I borrowed from my mother) is cedar and can be slipped into either the right or the left shoe.  The stretcher is strategically perforated; it has a plastic nodule (or “ortho plug”) you can remove and place in key spots where your tootsies need the most relief. It works like a charm!

Image via Nordstrom


4 thoughts on “I Love My: Nude Pumps

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