This is a No.

Learn from my mistakes!

Kristen Stewart hit the Breaking Dawn premiere in an embellished Roberto Cavalli gown and Jimmy Choo peep toes…then changed into a pair of Nike sneakers.  And from the looks of it, she’s a repeat offender.   Listen, if you’re going to wear the shoe, commit to it.  The evening gown with sneakers or wedding gown with flip flops look is sloppy.  If you’re iffy in heels, prepare for the inevitable by adding cushioned insoles to your footwear.  And if you know your dogs are going to bark that much,  please opt for a sparkly kitten heel or ballet flat instead (and have your evening-wear hemmed appropriately). 

Ladies, beauty doesn’t mean sacrificing your toes.  Hammertoes and bunions definitely aren’t the business.  But wearing sneakers and flip flops definitely affects your posture and carriage; in an evening gown you should look like you’re floating or gliding, not stomping and schlepping around.   

Sigh.  At least she wasn’t committing this fashion crime.

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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