Fashion Flashback: Phylicia Rashad

Before Michelle Obama and her kitten heels strode in to the White House and before Real Thirsty Wannabes and Basketball Fiancees & Baby Mamas hit the airwaves,  for girls of a certain generation, Clair Huxtable was the epitome of affluent sophistication.  In sitcomland, she managed to run a household of five precocious children and one hilarious husband all while maintaining a career as a lawyer and keeping a flawless brownstone.  Elegant and  eloquent, Clair’s relationship with Cliff and her children helped revolutionize television each Thursday night on NBC.  Whether you had a mother like her – or just wished you did – her presence on the air was affirming (which makes this  recent turn of events even more unfortunate).

Texas native Phylicia Rashad, who brought the character to life,  is a gifted thespian as well as the first African-American to receive a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play.  And who can forget that she was married to Ahmad Rashad?  Bet you didn’t know she also tripped the light fantastic as a disco singer!

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