If the Shoe Fits…

A sharp-eyed reader pointed out that I recently cooed over the studded slip-ons worn by Idris Elba at the Golden Globes last Sunday, despite having come down hard against people who wear sneakers with formal wear in a previous post.  That’s the thing about fashion.  Just when you roll your eyes at someone in a Canadian tuxedo, O Magazine  decides it’s what’s hot and happening for Spring.


But isn’t that what’s wonderful about style?  We have the opportunity to have fun with it, to take one special piece, wear it in an unexpected manner and change the conversation about what’s fashionable.  If – as in Cinderella’s case – one shoe can change your entire life, imagine what a wardrobe of well-considered clothes and accessories can do?

I’ll go on record as saying I prefer evening shoes with evening wear, and that anyone who deviates should have an awesome pair of sneakers (studded, bedazzled or otherwise “dressed up”) to make me reconsider.  Beat-up Nikes just won’t cut it on the red carpet.

I’m not sure socks with sandals will ever be in style either, no matter what Donatella Versace would have us believe in this ad featuring Cindy Crawford’s doppelganger daughter Kaia Gerber, the new face of Young Versace.

But I’m open to being proved wrong.

Image via Versace


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