Fall fashion at Belk is ‘seriously chic’

Even if we haven’t quite reached fall on the calendar, the crisp temps and arrival of pre-season football are putting many of us in the mood ahead of time. As you search for the perfect items to accomodate the cooler weather, Belk is ready with the top trends you need in your wardrobe this fall.

At Belk’s recent fall fashion preview, Arlene Goldstein (Vice President of Trend Marketing and Fashion Direction) suggested that shoppers embrace texture, pattern and the clever use of color in “entertaining pieces that will blend well in your wardrobe.” Before you grab something off the rack, consider whether it will add value to what you already own. “Fashion should liberate us, not fence us in,” according to Goldstein. “You can wake up every morning and be whoever you like.” (For more with Ms. Goldstein, click HERE.)

With that in mind, here are four key statements you may make this fall.

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MODERN MINDSET: This is a sleek, architectural look with boxy shapes, juxtaposing the large against the small, and featuring “punk” influences like zippers and studs and dramatic optical or graphic patterns.

PAST PERFECT: Vintage, textile-driven pieces with more subtle effects. Neutral palettes, lace detailing, and embellishments are hallmarks of this look. And if you’ve grown bored with the platform soles we’ve seen for several seasons, single-sole pumps are back.

GLAM GLOBETROTTER: Pattern-mixing is key to this look, which includeds one of my favorites: animal print! Goldstein also notes, “Don’t limit shiny things to evening! Wear your glitz before six!” Tiptoe into this trend by trying a beaded or sequined top worn under a jacket; don’t wear a cocktail dress to work, darlings.

JUST DANDY: This “town and country” look features contemporary classics with a bit of a twist. Think plaid and houndstooth and military touches like brass buttons and epaulets. Flat boots and smoking slippers are part of this look.

One of the most exciting collaborations at Belk this fall is the new CYNTHIA Cynthia Rowley footwear line. The shoes feature details such as studs and ankle straps, which are on-trend for fall. Four different options are available online now, and each is a totally wearable, high-quality addition to your fall wardrobe. I tried to pick a favorite (I’m leaning toward the “City” pump), but honestly, they are all amazing and affordable (in the $90-110 price range). Check out the “Halo” pump, “River” flat, “Chelsea” bootie and “City” pump! Can’t decide between the various heel heights? Buy them all.


Happy shopping!

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Images courtesy Belk


One thought on “Fall fashion at Belk is ‘seriously chic’

  1. I love smoking slippers! I’m glad you added the note to not wear cocktail dresses to work, because you know someone would come strolling in with the beads, sequins and lace to the staff meeting.

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