Ask Alexis: Check my footwork

Q: Can I wear lime suede cap toe pumps this fall (see photo)? -T. C. B., Trussville

A: Why not? I love unexpected color combinations in any season, and wearing pastel into fall and winter is a very modern and fresh approach. However, when styling your look make sure the rest of your ensemble reads “fall” or “winter” as appropriate. So as the season changes, don’t pair these with lightweight fabrics. Try anchoring these pumps with a monochromatic outfit in pewter tones (like charcoal coated jeans and a relaxed, knit top or chunky sweater), tribal-print harem pants or tops, or even with camo-print! Just leave them at home when it’s rainy out, and invest in a suede shoe repair kit (with a stiff brush and protectant spray) to keep them in tip-top shape between wears.

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