Are you fit and fab?


How many of you resolved to get fit this year?

How many of you have already fallen off the Jillian Michaels/Weight Watchers/cabbage soup diet/Zumba bandwagons?

I know, I know. Because I make the same goal every six months – before or after swimsuit season – and promptly break it when I’m met with a bowl of queso, a pint of Blue Bell or a hard day at work. I start off with the best intentions but somehow – usually after the boost losing ten pounds gives me – I lunge into a taco here, cupcake there backslide. But I finally decided I was tired of wearing a size (or two, if I’m being honest) larger than I think I am in my mind. I’m tired of my doctor’s not-so-subtle hints about getting more exercise every day (The lowest blow? When he commented about how quickly Beyonce lost her baby weight…and I don’t have a kid).

Point blank: I’m tired of not feeling my best. Im tired of feeling TIRED. It’s not really about a number on a scale or the tag inside a dress. No matter how chic your outfit is, or how “beat” your hair and makeup are, they can’t cover up high cholesterol, high blood pressure or poor nutrition forever. I may not ever look exactly like Blue Ivy’s mama, but I certainly want to look and feel the absolute best Alexis can.

So I’m back on the wagon (er, treadmill). I laced up my New Balances, put on my tights and head scarf and ran for my life at the crack of dawn this morning. (And guess what? I didn’t die.) I’m not going to let a bad mood or a lack of preparation and motivation send me careening off track. I have the Nike + and My Fitness Pal apps to monitor my progress and to keep track of my calories and water intake. And I have some great friends (and an unforgiving scale) to hold me accountable.

Who’s with me?


3 thoughts on “Are you fit and fab?

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