I bought leather leggings this week. Don’t judge me.

As seen in InStyle, Sept. 2011

Okay, darlings, I have been known to take a calculated risk or two (ahem, sequined pants) but the mother of all fashion challenges presented itself this week when I was browsing eBay (dashing all thoughts of that no-buy month): one of my fashion “unicorns” appeared during a random search. And like the mythical creature who inspired Lisa Frank folders back in the day, these GAP faux leather leggings have been on my “take no prisoners; buy at any cost” list since they appeared last year.  So when I saw them – new, unworn, and advertised for under $20 (they originally retailed at $80) – I began feverishly stalking the eBay listing. 

Why didn’t I purchase the leggings at full price last year? Because they sold out. Fast. I couldn’t find them anywhere, despite my stealthy shopping tactics.  And they reappeared on the racks at other retailers this season, but somehow I couldn’t find the nerve (or the spare kidney) to purchase Zara’s $399 version

Why would I buy these? Well, why not? There’s something so fierce about leather clothing.  And the goal is to push the envelope a little bit, instead of reaching for my trusty dark denim.   Where and when will I wear them? I have no immediate idea. But Kim K. styled a pair of leather leggings pretty convincingly recently, and I’m sure I’ll wait until the weather cools to break them out, so that I don’t end up on my own epic fall fashion fail list.  I imagine my black bouclé jacket, this appliqué tee shirt, pumps and an envelope clutch will be in order on my end (okay, once this one  that has now taken up residence on the “I’m stalking you” list is found).

Kim Kardashian’s version. Chic, no?

So what are the keys to succesful eBay shopping? Patience, and the willingness to perform random searches using specific terms (which means you might keep a file or a note with the retailer, specific style name and color). Set search criteria such that eBay notifies you when what you’re looking for pops up for sale.  If you’re really determined, download the app so you can shop from the privacy of your iPhone.   Be sure to ask the seller any questions you have about the item that are not covered in the description, so that there are no unpleasant surprises (like broken zippers, or rips) when your “unicorn” arrives!

Happy shopping!

Images via InStyle and Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews.com


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