Pop the champagne (and pass the sequins)!

It’s Same Chic Different Day’s 200th post (and our 75th at AL.com)!

To celebrate, I bought myself something special: a pair of sequined harem pants. Why, you ask?  No, I am not headed to Vegas or auditioning for a Dynasty reboot (although, how fabulous would that be?!). 

I wanted to own something that said “risk taker” (oh, and “lover of sequins”).  I don’t wax poetic and get all mushy about getting to write this blog, but starting it represented a a huge risk for me and an opportunity to step out on faith.  Each day is sort of a “If you post it, they will come” moment.  Will you like it? Will you hate it?  Will you READ it? Will you try something different in your own life or wardrobe?  That’s the goal.

So, the pants.  I saw them a while back, as J. Crew sold a ridiculously glamorous pair silver pair for over $600 last year.  I filed them away in my mental “Obsessing Over but Out of the Budget” file until I happened across a look-alike pair in black.  For $40.  Sold!

So (once again) I’m stepping out on faith, my personal sense of style, and the fervent hope that my life will soon include someplace ridiculously glamorous to sashay around in them (or break out in a mean Chinese Typewriter).  And if not, I’ll just wear them while I sit on my sofa and write these posts. 

XOXO, Alexis

Images via J.Crew and CalypsoThreads

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One thought on “Pop the champagne (and pass the sequins)!

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