Straight from the A: Fall Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Lela Rochon gives fashion advice in ‘Waiting to Exhale’

Hello darlings!  As many of you are celebrating fall weather, with football season and back-to-school, I thought we should chat about two of my deepest fashion pet peeves this time of year: the question of wearing white and/or leather (hopefully you aren’t wearing them together!).

Should one wear white after Labor Day? This is a hotly contested issue in the South.  Yes, it’s time to put away the seersucker and linen, but by all means chic ones: please don’t be afraid to wear white.  Wear your white  year-round, but bring your look into autumn with the warmer colors of the season (plum, teal, sapphire) as accents.  Or keep it basic: one of my favorite ways to wear white is to pair white jeans with a black turtle neck and leopard flats or smoking slippers. 

Now as for leather pants and jackets and winter boots, please don’t break them out when the temperature is sweltering (unless you want to get talked about for “leather-wearing in the summertime.” ).Two possible exceptions? Leather skirts and sheaths. This Banana Republic dress ($298) is EVERYTHING, but even though it’s sleeveless, it may not be a good look until the weather cools off.  If you’re going to rock a skirt, keep the length classy (!) and balance the strength of the skirt with a lighter top (unless you’re going for “biker chick”).

I don’t care if these boots are Givenchy.  Please don’t try this look at home.


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