It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Okay, the ’80s weren’t so bad after all.  As seen on, chokers, bared midriffs, cropped denim vests and waist-tied blouses are back.  The ’90s were a bad decade for me: Bongo denim outfits, Guess jumpers and column dresses, berry lipstick and (*shudder*) bangs.  I’m not enthused about seeing the era remixed.

Absolutely not.

I don’t care if Salma’s choker does have a “YSL” embellishment; please stop trying to make them happen. 


Waist-tied shirts and “grunge chic” have also been spotted.   But somehow it looks just as sloppy as it did in the last century.  Leave it there.

Side note (and proof that the ’90s weren’t a total fashion disaster):  Guess? turns 30 this year!  And to celebrate, they featured Claudia Schiffer in a remix of their iconic ads.  Be sure to check out the photos!  Our favorite?


Images via and Huffington Post


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