I Love the 80s: NEON

What goes around definitely comes back around.  Raise your hand if you owned a pair of these Reebok Freestyle  Hi lace-up sneakers during the “Let’s Get Physical” aerobics craze of the ’80s, or wore them on the playground (*raises hand*)?  These call to mind a pink pair I received as a much-loved hand me down from my older cousin Raven.   Rocsi Diaz (co-host of BET’s ‘106 and Park’) rocks a neon green pair while enjoying some downtime in NYC.  Notice how she’s paired them with a neutral, casual outfit (not skintight leggings and a leotard)?  Get your own pair here (they’re advertised in island blue, neon purple, hot green and neon pink with “reignbow” laces).  Then all you need are a Skip It!, a side pony and an NKOTB poster for your bedroom ceiling.  Totally rad!

Seriously, neon is an important spring trend; but wear it at your own risk. The point is not to look like Rainbow Brite.  If a neon sheath (as seen in the slideshow) or pant is too much color at once,  an easy way to incorporate the look is by limiting the bright color to your shoes or handbag.  Balance a neutral outfit with bright shoes and bag, or try the reverse (a bright dress with neutral accessories).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another note about Ms. Diaz’s casual ensemble:  need I say don’t get caught running errands around town in your saggy pajama pants and dirty flip flops? Follow her lead: keep it casual AND chic.

Images via YBF, People & Reebok


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