Thank you, Leading Edge Institute!


It was an absolute pleasure sharing tips on aligning professional dress with one’s brand at last night’s Summer Institute. I met so many ambitious, eager young women who are sure to make an incredible difference in this state and beyond, and am humbled that I was invited to participate!

And I love their motto!


Leading Edge Institute brings together Alabama’s college-aged women to prepare and inspire them to make a difference in this state through its leadership program.   To learn more about Leading Edge Institute, click HERE.

Do you (your office or organization) need tips on dressing for success? Need to know how to create a versatile professional wardrobe on a budget? Not sure about transitioning your wardrobe from campus to the corporate office (while retaining your sense of personal style)? Feel free to contact me!


Deep breath.


I’m preparing to give some tips on dressing for success to the ladies of the Leading Edge Institute…and I’m nervous. So I’m doing a quick change to add accessories that make me feel powerful.

Okay, I’m also an 80s baby, and it’s already been established that I love Wonder Woman. Don’t judge me.

I love that a sense of style can be a way to bolster confidence and send a message about who I am without me saying a word. Here’s to bold, gold cuffs, my favorite pumps and Ruby Woo for getting me through.

I’m curious: what fashion item makes you feel like your best self?


Scalloped cutout cuff, Forever 21

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