Deep breath.


I’m preparing to give some tips on dressing for success to the ladies of the Leading Edge Institute…and I’m nervous. So I’m doing a quick change to add accessories that make me feel powerful.

Okay, I’m also an 80s baby, and it’s already been established that I love Wonder Woman. Don’t judge me.

I love that a sense of style can be a way to bolster confidence and send a message about who I am without me saying a word. Here’s to bold, gold cuffs, my favorite pumps and Ruby Woo for getting me through.

I’m curious: what fashion item makes you feel like your best self?


Scalloped cutout cuff, Forever 21


3 thoughts on “Deep breath.

  1. #teamrubywoo over here. It Does the trick for me every time. Keep sharing, giving, and inspiring. Blessings & much success!!!

  2. Gold jewelry, especially a gold ring with a pretty gemstone, and a big gold cuff like the one shown, a matching stylish gold watch, fly heels, a business suit, my favorite perfume or a new perfume. And the hair has to be fly too!

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