ICYMI: Alexis features CureDiva on Talk of Alabama

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I had an “AMAZING” time featuring CureDiva on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama last Friday morning!

Click HERE to see the video, in which I share a travel purse with ice pack from Hot Girls Pearls ($16), a fan from Fancy Hands Fans ($21), non-toxic nail polish ($16) and remover  ($6) by Acquarella, and a two piece turban set from Titillating Turbans, $60 (the pink set shown is not online, but there are similar options available).

It was such a privilege to share these products, as well as the mission of CureDiva, which provides a lifestyle products, a supportive online community and BreastCancer.org’s edcuational resources for breast cancer survivors.

Xo, Alexis

Screenshots via ABC 33/40

Must-see TV: Alexis Barton to talk CureDiva on ABC 33/40


Darlings, if you’re in the Birmingham area, please tune into ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama this Friday (March 7)during the 9:00 AM CST hour! I’ll be appearing live with hosts Ebony Hall and Nicole Allshouse to share some very special products from CureDiva with viewers! You don’t want to miss it!



“CureDiva is here to revolutionize the lifestyle of women coping with breast cancer and its after effects. It is a stylish feminine environment, uniting a one-stop-shop and community, and offering a holistic answer to all the non-medical needs of 1 out of 8 women in the world.

Shop with CureDiva: find all the stylish answers – especially designed and selected – to enable you with stylish living through your breast cancer journey.” – CureDiva.com

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected in some form by cancer, either through personal diagnosis or supporting a loved one through their own. My family has lost several loved ones to cancer, and I was saddened to have a god-aunt pass away early last month.  It is an honor to share CureDiva’s mission and products with you, and I hope you’ll tune in to Talk of Alabama tomorrow morning.

Images via ABC 33/40 and SheKnows.com

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