Thinking Pink…


Twenty years ago this past August, I lost one of my favorite people on the planet – my Aunt Helena – to breast cancer. I’ve been wearing an Estée Lauder Dream Pin this month in her memory. She loved makeup, and anything bedazzled (including denim).

To the end of her life, my aunt insisted on being in full hair and makeup before going out or receiving guests. Despite her illness, “dressing up” made it easier for her to “show up” and fight for her life.

She also loved the color pink, so I’ve been incorporating Origins’ Drink Up Hydrating lip balm in Pink Guava into my look this month. I love Origins’ products, but this one is especially dear to me because through December 31 Origins will donate $3.50 from every purchase of this shade to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which Evelyn H. Lauder helped found.

Darlings, please be sure to take charge of your health through self-exams and regular check-ups. Early detection is key to fighting this disease! For more information, please visit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s website.



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