The Look: Betty Draper Francis

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Mad Men is back! Season 6 proved to be a dark and somewhat morbid meditation set at the end of 1967-beginning of 1968 (if you watched, did you catch the reference to the Crimson Tide?) Don’t worry; while I won’t give away any other plot spoilers, I will definitely celebrate the feminine, well put-together style of Don’s ex-wife Betty Draper, and sigh over the direction her wardrobe has taken since their marriage ended.

One of my favorite looks (from a previous season) was this bright floral sheath with white gloves and pocketbook. Proof that what goes around comes right back around, Muse Apparel offers a similar option with its Cut Out Back Bouquet Dress ($144). Florals are a huge trend for Spring apparel, and Muse keeps this look from being too much of a sweet throwback with the cutout detail in the back. The belt also nips the silhuoette nicely. Note that the florals are cast against a softer shade of this season’s “it” color. I love how this look has been paired with a bright shoe, but if that’s a bit too much color for you, you could also wear a nude one.

For more on Mad Men‘s costume design, click HERE.

In news, Lilly Pulitzer – purveyor of fun and feminine floral print designs for over 50 years – has passed.


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