Calling all Target shoppers!


The gods have answered: Homewood’s new Target opens to the public today! Can you tell I’m thrilled? The official grand opening is this Sunday, March 10.

While not a Super Target, the two-story store  – located in Brookwood Village – will feature a Starbucks, Pizza Hut Express, Fresh Grocery, pharmacy and Target Mobile.

*Now where are Trader Joe’s, H&M and Neiman Marcus?


3 thoughts on “Calling all Target shoppers!

  1. I’m going at lunch with Karri B. And I cosign on the Neiman Marcus request. Side note on that note: my sister works for Neiman’s corporate and they will not put one here because this market is not viable enough for their business. #whatevs

  2. I second the motion for Trader Joes(their 7-layer dip & 2-buck chuck are too good to not have here), H&M, and we need a Nordstrom’s–better customer service and selection then Belk or Saks.

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