Roll Tide Forever!

***Spoiler Alert*** This post has very little, if anything, to do with fashion, and if you’re connected with me via social media then you’ve seen these photos already.

When you have an opportunity to meet Nick Saban, everything else – including what you were wearing – kind of pales in comparison.

Last night I attended the Over the Mountain Touchdown Club’s Coach of The Year Awards ceremony at the Cahaba Grand (thank you, Charter Business and D.K. Perry!), and one of the perks was having a photo made with honorees Nick Saban and Brent Musburger and Coach Bobby Bowden. Every minute of the experience was enjoyable, including Coach Bowden’s jokes!

I won’t bore you with why Nick Saban’s “process” or the Crimson Tide have so much meaning for me (I’ll save that for closer to A-Day or the 2013-14 football season), but suffice it to say, having him shake my hand (yes, I’ve since washed it) was a moment I’ll never forget. I managed to refrain from screaming and fainting, and only yelled “Roll Tide” when it was totally appropriate.  But I did weep a little when last season’s highlight were shown, set to Adele’s “Skyfall.”

And for those of you who must have a fashion angle, I wore an LBD by J. Crew, pointy-toe pumps by BCBG and kept the crimson at wearing MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo’. I left all signs that I’m a “homer” at home…and yes, that is my natural hair!

Special thanks to the gentleman who took our photo randomly and then gave it to us!

Roll Tide,



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