Uh oh! What do you do on days when NOTHING in your stuffed closet feels (or fits) right?  Usually, laying out my outfits for the week helps, but this morning I was at a complete loss, and found myself running around with a boot in one hand and a (nonmatching) skirt in another. Share a tip in the comment section!


3 thoughts on “SOS

  1. Oh, I do have those days also. What I do is simply stand back and find a piece of clothing that a) I haven’t wore in a while or never have worn and then b) pair it with some basics. The piece I choose becomes the foundation/focal point of my outfit. My sense of fashion kicks in and it becomes fun to wear the piece I’ve chosen in a way I never have before. For example last week, I ‘rediscovered’ a vintage plaid blazer that I usually wear in the winter. But upon further review I saw that the jacket was light enough for a fall day. I paired it with a feminine white tank that had a ribbon neckline and my dark wash skinny jeans that I rolled up. A funky pair of wedges completed my look.

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