Who cares about Gabby’s hair?

Aren’t there more important topics to discuss? Like the fact that she became the first African-American to win gold in the individual all-around competition? Or like her new endorsement deal with Kellogg? Or maybe even her mother’s hard work and sacrifice to help her daughter reach her dream? Are people really that caught up with whether the texture of her hairline and her ponytail match?

Gabrielle Douglas is 16, people…I challenge anyone who has something negative to say to put up a picture of him or herself at 16 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Yeah…I’ll wait.

First, I’m sure that at 16 you weren’t doing anything close to competing in the Olympics, and second you probably had some style issues yourself (and if you didn’t, your photo probably looks dated right about now).  I’ll raise my hand right now and say that if my sophomore yearbook picture ever sees the light of day I’ll deny that that’s even me in the Esprit shirt, dark lipliner+berry lipstick and tragic roller set.

As I’m thinking about this, I think a better question is “Why do some of us care so much about her hair?”  She can’t be an effective gymnast with 10 pounds of yaki on her head, y’all.  And this isn’t the prom or Classic Weekend.  The fact that this is a topic of conversation says more about those debating it than about Miss Douglas’ ability or achievements.  Give it a rest.

I’d much rather discuss Ryan Lochte’s grill.



3 thoughts on “Who cares about Gabby’s hair?

  1. I believe it comes from personal issues. The subject of importance is her win and the steps needed to accomplish it. What keeps too many people from succeeding is the lack of priorities her goal was to when not be when a beauty pageant. If this was a beauty competition comments regarding hair would be on point.

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