Mad Men Season 5 Airs; SCDD Shops!

Mad Men’s highly anticipated, hotly debated Season 5 aired last night and – without giving anything away- it’s safe to say “the time’s, they are [definitely] a-changing.”  SCDD won’t parse the details and speculate about future plot twists here (that could go on forever, as internet chatter about the newest season hit fever pitch the past few months).  Nay, we’ll celebrate the show’s pitch-perfect attention to detail.  I squealed out loud when I saw little Sally Draper’s sunshine yellow Springmaid bed sheets; my parents had the exact same set which they received as a wedding gift.  Want a set of your own?  Check them out on Etsy HERE (alas, this listing ’tis only the flat sheet).

What other era-perfect goodies did I browse?  How about Joan Holloway Harris’ signature statement piece: the gold pen necklace?  Femme fatale attitude sold separately.  Or how about that super chic pram she strolled her new baby around town in?  This Silver Cross Balmoral pram sold by Posh Tots “combines stately elegance with an air of true nostalgia” and retails for $3,995 (although it’s missing the little privacy curtain).

In the age of iPhones, crackberries and Androids, how many of us maintain a hardcopy desk calendar or handwritten schedule?  Pete’s secretary Clara had a nifty trifold version, and Kate Spade periodically offers a similar pink version. This one is on Ebay.  Or might you be interested in playing solitaire with a real deck of cards for a change?

Wondering what to get the man who has everything (including a secret identity)? Then a pure badger shaving brush or silver-topped walking stick may be right up your man’s sartorial alley. And if you’re planning to serenade him with his own special “Zou Bisou Bisou” moment, this dress by Posh Girl Vintage is close-up ready.

For more Mad Men clothing and cosmetics, check out the collections at Banana Republic and Estee Lauder.

I have an early meeting with Coca Cola on Staten Island,


Images via AMC TV


2 thoughts on “Mad Men Season 5 Airs; SCDD Shops!

  1. Ok, I know I shouldn’t even admit this, but I have never seen the first episode of Mad Men. I’ve meant to, but something always came along to know it off the radar.

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