Estee Lauder debuts Mad Men Line March 18

Are you as excited as I am about Mad Men’s return to the airwaves on March 25?!  (Okay, maybe you aren’t planning to wear mid-century modern and drink a Manhattan when the fifth season airs.) The characters have inspired a limited edition Banana Republic collection, been immortalized by Barbie and hipsters everywhere, and now in conjunction with the season’s launch, Estee Lauder is releasing a Mad Men-themed cosmetics collection.  The brand will include lipstick and rouge (i.e. blush) in swinging retro glam shades of cherry and evening rose that invite wearers to “shake, stir, [and] seduce.”  The items are prettily packaged in vintage gilt holders; whether you’re a Betty, Joan or Peggy you will definitely look chic when you whisk them out of your pocketbook (er, handbag)!

What better brand to wear to give your Don or Roger a little kiss?

For more info, click here.

Image via AMC

One thought on “Estee Lauder debuts Mad Men Line March 18

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