Recommended Reading: Mikki Taylor’s Commander in Chic

From the beautiful photography to the warm commentary to the priceless “Mikki-isms”, this book is a style resource to have at hand.  Celebrating the effortless style of FLOTUS Michelle Obama and jam-packed with Ms. Taylor’s expertise from years as Essence ‘s final-word beauty editor, Commander in Chic was such a great read and wealth of information on building one’s personal style that I couldn’t put it down…it was more like having a one-on-one conversation with a style-savvy friend!

As Ms. Taylor notes, “At the end of the day, style in the broad stroke is about being on purpose.  It’s about being comfortable in your skin and not following the trends but setting them.  Finally, it’s about being your most bold, empowered self and using that awareness to color your world–from your inner and outer beauty to your fashion sensibility, from the love that you share to the hand you lend in service to others.  It’s about showing up ready to stand and deliver and not only looking the part, but being just the woman for the opportunity at hand.  That’s what being a “commander in chic” is all about.  And we, like Michelle Obama, are just the women to do so.”

Whatever your politics are, who can’t agree with that?  Fab ones, I loved this book so much that not only did I purchase one for myself, I’m giving a copy away!  So tell me how you “keep it chic”: how do you express your personal style (and I don’t care if you shop the Salvation Army or Neiman Marcus)?  Leave a comment below between now and December 31,  2011 and a copy could be yours!


8 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Mikki Taylor’s Commander in Chic

  1. I keep it chic by wearing what makes me feel good. I value other people’s opinion but I don’t necessarily let that define what I decide to wear. I’m a college student and the oldest of 10 so when I shop, I try to do it on a budget. Whenever I see items on sale from random stores I pick them up because I know eventually they will be able to make a rockin outfit.

  2. I really liked Mikki Taylor’s articles in Essence. She’s very stylish herself and look at FLOTUS Mrs. Obama looking STUNNING!

  3. My personal style is that of a frugal chameleon. As a business professional in a industry where your personal brand is everything, I like to keep things very simple: a blazer and slacks, an occasional business suit (my preference is a skirt to show off my stunning long legs), and nothing too flashy with I’m out on the town. I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping. I like Target, Wal-Mart, New York & Company, Macy’s and boutique shops. I have been wearing the same key outfits for the past three years, but I always rock heels (size 11), a sincere smile, and confidence. Flawless makeup is also a must, but I don’t wear very much … I love hearing people tell me I look younger than I am but the secret to that beauty blessing is maintaining a positive mental attitude.

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  5. I try. I try. I try. There is only so much you can do with police blues and a bun though. I keep my trusty Coach bag in the trunk of my car and my handy Sak bag full of makeup hidden in my work bag. Looking good is important to me in my personal life and in my professional life, but when a girl spends eighteen hours a day working it’s hard to keep on top of current trends. It would be great to hear how I can become more chic from Ms. Barton and Ms. Taylor. I’m all about setting style and being my own first lady!

  6. I keep it chic by wearing what I love which makes me feel gorgeous! When I wear my pinky M.A.C. lip gloss, a statement piece of jewelry, a nicely polished mani/pedi, and my fave pair of stilettos, you would think I’m a native Parisian.

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