(Because) You’re Worth It.

Lately I can’t get those old school L’Oreal ads out of my mind, the ones featuring coiffed and glamorous models or celebs cooing “I’m worth it” just before the final shot (who always looked like they didn’t have a day job, side hustle, or household to manage, much less a care in the world).  Years after those ads hit the airwaves their message continues to resonate, because I think  women sometimes (often?) forget they are worth it.  And I don’t mean in a high maintenance, “I need diamonds and caviar” way.  We deserve to take care of ourselves.  We deserve excellent mental and physical health, which means taking the time to eat well, exercise regularly and rejuvenate through relaxation (Hello, girls night! Or bubble bath, good book and comfy pjs night. Etc.).  We deserve to present our best selves with makeup, hair and clothing that expresses our personality and style at its loveliest, even if we have to do it on a budget.  We also deserve a little bit of luxury and pampering!  We deserve healthy, loving relationships, which begins with loving and affirming ourselves and choosing others who support and affirm us to be in our circle (now’s the time to cut out anyone who doesn’t fit the bill, Facebook “friends” and real-life frenemies included).   And we owe it to ourselves to be fiscally smart and prepared for the future, whatever it holds (so girl get your money straight, or go back and get that degree!).  

Doing these things doesn’t mean you’re selfish; it means you are self-full.  Remember ladies: we can’t run the world if we’re run down, dragging and not looking or feeling our best. If my grandmothers could run their homes, take care of their husbands and more than 10 kids each and still be fierce in the same amount of time we have to work with…I don’t have a choice! (And you don’t, either!)

Knowing your worth? Now that’s chic!

XOXO Alexis


One thought on “(Because) You’re Worth It.

  1. This is one of my FAVE posts on SCDD! This truly resonates with me and within me to the core. I might have to print and post it up! We easily forget that we are worth it…and so much more. 🙂

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