She’s the Boss: Tia Chestang-Beville

Tia Chestang-Beville

At SCDD, we believe true beauty starts within, and following your dreams is always in style!  So talking with Tia-Chestang-Beville (owner of Purify Wellness & Spa )was a no-brainer.  Nestled off Highway 280, the spa offers a pampering environment to escape the daily grind.  It also represents owner-operator Chestang-Beville’s desire to fulfill a personal dream of pursuing entrepreneurship and promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Purify Wellness & Spa invites its clients to relax, refresh and rejuvenate with services that include beauty, massage and detoxification treatments.

Her inspiration: What really inspired me to start my own business was I noticed that so many African-Americans have a hard time finding a job, or even an opportunity. I wanted to be my own boss and call my own shots.

Wake-up call: Before I [became an entrepreneur] I worked in the banking industry.  One day I woke up and realized this was not what I had come to Birmingham for.  I turned in my two week’s notice and started a physical therapy program [within several months].  While working as a physical therapist I realized many of my patients had issues with [digestive complaints].  And I had learned personally the benefits of proper nutrition.  Purify was born of that.

Would she ever return to banking? Never, ever!  If push came to shove, I’d [return] to physical therapy. It’s just as rewarding.  But I’d work as an [independent contractor].  I’ll never go back to being fully employed by someone else.  It’s not all glitz and glamour, but I’ve gotten a taste of the American dream and I’ll never go back.

SCDD took a guided tour of the spa during the interview and learned about the colon hydrotherapy services Purify administers.  Purify Wellness & Spa currently uses the “open,” or Libby System exclusively, in which the client controls the session.

Ms. Chestang-Beville was careful to make the distinction that the spa services clients, not patients, as she is practicing under a certification and not a license. “I am at the beginning stages of colon hydrotherapy (CHT),” she notes.  “I’ve completed pre-requisites in gross anatomy, physiology, plus 100 hours and 50 sessions in colon hydrotherapy.  I’ll go to Atlanta to move to the intermediate level and received training on the closed system.  The closed system is a little more invasive and requires a therapist to be present at all times.”

The Libby System tables are scrupulously clean, and the room itself is soothing. We observed as Ms. Chestang-Beville personally sterilized and prepared the session room for her next client and found out there is even an automatic “kill switch” which allows the client to control the apparatus’ valves to his or her comfort. 

“Everything is sterile and disposable,” Ms. Chestang-Beville says.  “Nothing is recycled.  All supplies are carefully laid out each time for each client.”

What has been the most surprising part of the process for her?

“Initially I had tons of support from friends and family encouraging me to follow my dreams and go forward, ” she says.  “The most surprising part is I never thought I could actually do it, and manage it the way I’ve been able to. [Ms. Chestang-Beville talked to us while running the front desk,  interacting with a steady stream of clients, and scheduling sessions.  She even planned her recent wedding while running the business.]  The [Highway 280] area loves us and has been very welcoming. The support has been great.”

Purify is now offering  a spa membership program and Chestang-Beville has plans to further expand her services.  Ready to check out Purify Wellness & Spa for yourself?  December is a great time to relax, relate and release, as they are offering a 12 Days of Christmas special as well as promotions via Facebook!

Image courtesy of Tia Chestang-Beville


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