We Love a Man Who…

No. Just....no.

…keeps it simple. 

Are you wearing square-toed shoes?  Buttoning every button on your suit jacket?  Stepping out in a suit jacket with more than three buttons (SIGH)?  Rocking suspenders AND a belt (ahem: it’s either/or, never both)?   Sporting more than one ring on both hands (and if either of them is a nugget ring, go sit in the corner)? Do you have nails (finger or toe)so long that your nickname is Shredder? Are you rocking a suit so small that it looks like you stole it from Webster? Then you, sir, are doing the most.  Take it down a notch.

Take it from us: dress your age, not your shoe size.  For the love of God, manscape.   The Grizzly Adams/unwashed look is not the  business; go “occupy” a bathtub and get thee a manicure and pedicure! And the hipster look is not for every physique.   

Remember: less is sometimes much, much more.

You’re welcome.


One thought on “We Love a Man Who…

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