Fashion Flashback: School Daze

Come on…you saw this one coming a mile away!  In honor of the 2011 Magic City Classic, we’re posting a classic clip from the 1988 Spike Lee Joint which inspired countless co-eds to enroll at  historically Black colleges or universities.  Lee’s film examined racial tension, political consciousness and Black identity on college campuses; its themes – frats vs. independents, “good” hair vs. “bad” hair, light skin vs. dark skin, etc. – are still being debated in  some circles today.  Enjoy this clip featuring  two up-and-coming Gamma Rays who went on to very bright careers!  (And ladies – you’re lying if you love the movie but claim never to have done this choreography in the your bedroom mirror!)

Some scenes from the film:

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For more on School Daze, click here.

Images courtesy of Columbia Pictures, Inc. & 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks via


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