The Look for Less: Sweetheart Bracelet

Tiffany Locks 18K heart lock bracelet (lock and bracelet sold separately)

We heart the Tiffany Locks 18K heart lock bracelet, but the $2500 price tag? Not so much.  For $125 plus shipping, we’ll wear our heart on our sleeve with this vintage Victorian Gate golden sweetheart bracelet from vintagesparkles’ shop instead.  Even sweeter is the vintage bracelet’s story: according to vintagesparkles, “when a gentleman went off to war or to travel afar, he would leave the bracelet locked around her wrist and he would hold the key until he got back. This symbol of love would show others gentlemen that the woman was theirs. Sort of like a wrist chastity belt.”  Let’s say it all together:  “Awwww!”

VintageSparkles' Victorian Gate bracelet

Images courtesy of and vintagesparkles


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