#Labor Day

I’m catching up on my sewing project (which means first I’m learning to use my new sewing machine) today. And no, the Sewing for Dummies book is NOT a prop!  I missed out on home economics in school, and knowing the fundamentals is essential. Don’t judge me.

And what is the project, you ask?  Well, during my trip to Panama City Beach this summer, I found a haute vintage LBD for $7!  The 1960s-era silk dress with applique accents  at the shoulder and hip has languished in my closet because it was too roomy in one place and too tight in another (further helping me understand what an actual “wiggle” dress is!).  Plus, the sleeves bothered me.  But after reading P.S. I Made This’ recent post “Black Dress Refresh,” I have summoned the courage and the scissors to “make it work.”

Here we go…

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