Get Glowing with Origins’ Modern Friction

You knew there was more to skincare than simply washing your face, right? 

After cleansing, I use a great exfoliator  twice a week to gently smooth away dead skin cells and refine my skin’s surface.    What I love about Modern Friction from Origins is that is works for all skin types.  I have dry, sensitive skin and have found that this creamy product is super-gentle; it’s promoted as “Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion.”  It doesn’t “strip” my skin and leave it feeling thirsty, and I’ve never had any redness or irritation afterward.  In fact, my skin feels silky and has a glow; after moisturizing I even find that my makeup seems to apply better.  Modern Friction is available in a 4.2 ounces($37.50) and 1.7 ounces ($18.50), and trust me, a little goes a long way.

As for the ingredients, rice starch is used to refine the complexion, lemon oil boosts luminosity, bergamot and peppermint aromas refresh the skin, and aloe is included for its soothing and moisturizing effects.   Origins promotes the use of organic ingredients and essential oils to provide “high-performance” skincare, and the company is commited to “earth-friendly”  production.  Another perk?  Origins offers amazing free samples with purchase!

 We no longer have an Origins store in Birmingham (boo hoo!), but the product can be purchased online.  For more on dermabrasion, click here.  And remember, for specific skincare concerns, please consult a dermatologist!


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