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Straight from the A: Spring Fashion Haute List

The weather is heating up and so is spring fashion! Make sure you read these tips so you don’t become fashion roadkill! And special thanks to the Roy Wood Jr. Morning Show!

DO: Wear trends the second time they pop up, but be sure to update the look. You can’t wear it the same way the second time. Make sure your footwear and accessories read fresh and modern, not “blast from the past”. (ex: friendship bracelets, colored denim)

DO: Upgrade your jewelry into something bright and big. DON’T wear a million pieces though; have one main conversation piece.  And if you are still wearing pink ice, contact me immediately for support.

DO: Try a crop top, but don’t expose your belly button!  Show a hint of skin by wearing it with a high waist skirt or short.

DO:  Try wearing a high-low or mullet hem skirt or dress.  That’s right—it’s short in the front and long in the back! Make sure your shoes aren’t clunky!  Keep them delicate.

DO: Wear something neon.  But don’t blind us!  Try a pop! of color with your belt, shoes or handbag.

DO: Go for bohemian chic with airy fabrics and crochet.  But keep in mind that there should be an opaque layer underneath see-through fabrics so your “business” isn’t exposed.  Please consider a slip (or cut off a pair of fleshtone pantyhose to wear underneath.)

DO: Fellas, it’s almost summer, summer, summertime!  But you won’t impress anyone in a color-coordinated shorts set with gators.  Go for yachting or boating chic in linen shorts, seersucker and boating shoes or casual loafers.

DO: Reassess your makeup and fragrance.  If you tan, you may need to adjust your foundation shade.  And if you wear cologne or perfume, adjust the amout you apply, as the rising temps and changing body chemistry may affect its potency.  No one wants to smell you all the way around the block!

DO: try color-blocked accessories, peplum waists and hyperflorals! But not all at once.

DON’T: Those large black-framed eyeglasses without an Rx…why?!

DON’T: Weard hite shoes and pumps.  They aren’t flattering to ANYONE.  Need I say more?

DON’T: Wear denim on denim; try monochromatic COLORS instead!  Pastels are a definite DO; mint green, blush, orange sherbet and baby blue are haute on both ladies and gents.

DON’T: black lipstick or lipliner…why?!

DON’T: Rock finger waves or French rolls.  Soft hair is in.

DON’T: Please retire your jeggings.  They just look weird with no zipper and those faux pockets.

DON’T: Feather earrings and hair extensions are over. Just let them go.

DON’T: High-heeled sneakers during any season or Timberlands when it’s warm outside. Please and thank you.

DON’T: Insist on showing “VPL” and exposed bra straps (during any season).  Buy something seamless and/or strapless to wear underneath clingy fabrics.  Likewise, sagging pants and leggings without a top that covers your hind end…no one wants to see your butt. Trust me.

DON’T: Bieber hair, mohawks on males over the age of 6, and half shaved heads on women. What works for Rihanna and Cassie may not work for you. Please.

DON’T: Long, pedicured toe nails…WHY?! And: please don’t just polish your big toes and stop; do all ten!  If you have missing toenail, most salons can add a fake.

DON’T: Over-coordinate (i.e. red hair, red purse, red necklace, red belt, red shoes, red nailpolish and lipstick) You’re welcome.

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First Person Fabulous: 95.7 JAMZ’s Ms. Nu York Talks Fashion

Ever wonder what some of the most popular voices in radio are wearing?  Same Chic Different Day went behind the beat to talk with the very fab Nu York (cohost of the Roy Wood Jr. Morning Show on 95.7 JAMZ) about her eclectic mix of “Big Apple meets Magic City” style.

On dressing for success:

Nu York: It depends on the day. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. so most of the time when I’m leaving people are just getting in. So, they really won’t see me unless I have other work to do. [The] majority of the time I dress casually; however, recently I’ve been dressing up. Only because with my job, you never know who might drop by the studio.

On how both Alabama and New York have influenced her style:

Nu York: Sometimes New Yorkers can over accessorize an outfit which can look really loud, however Alabama has taught me to tone it down a little bit. Sometimes less is more.  Alabama has a laid back sense of style. Lots of tee shirts & shorts. Flip flops. You will almost never see that in New York. Not unless it’s in the hood [laughs out loud]. And in New York you will almost always see big pairs of gold earrings.  New Yorkers loooove jewelry.

On her worst fashion moment:

Nu York: My worst fashion moment would have to be when I first moved here from New York & I was trying to transition to the “Southern” style. I wasn’t used to wearing make up, as most New Yorkers hate doing, and I wore eye brow make up for the first time. I didn’t know how to apply it so as a result I looked like a clown/Geisha.

Fashion DO’s?

Nu York:  Do wear eyelashes; [they doll] you up. Do keep powder on you in case your face gets shiny. Always keep a set of back up clothes in the car in case you spill something on it. And do dress to impress, even if it’s a trip to the grocery store.

Fashion DON’Ts?

Nu York:  No improper lace fronts. Socks and sandals/flip flops equals what the heck were you thinking?! Leggings do not look good with everything.  And DO NOT bootleg name brands, they are so easy to spot.

Nu York mentioned that her go-to outfit is a Bebe dress, and that she can’t wait to try feathered accessories for fall.   Her final piece of fashion advice?

“There is always a sale going on somewhere! You don’t have to splurge to buy high fashion clothes/apparel.”

Catch Nu York  on the Roy Wood Jr. Morning Show on 95.7 JAMZ weekdays from 5-9 AM.

Image courtesy of Nu York

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