Do people write actual letters anymore?  When I was retrieving my mail yesterday evening and sorting the circulars, catalogs and bills, I suddenly wished a letter might present itself.  In this age of text messages, emails, tweets, BBMs and (unfortunately) pokes, I miss the intimacy of a well-written (or even hastily dashed off) missive.  When I was younger, my friends and I filled pages of looseleaf or totally awesome Lisa Frank stationery (which is kind of hard to look at now without having a seizure) with girlish thoughts, gossip and daydreams about our crushes.  Before cell phones, we bought stamps.  Before Facebook friends and tweethearts, we had pen pals.

I still send notes, and generally stick to pale pink monogrammed correspondence cards.  This year I plan to choose a set with a little more pizazz;  SteelPetalPress ‘ cheeky letterpress notecard is perfect.

If putting pen to paper strikes your fancy, remember: neatness counts!  There’s no point in sending a letter the recipient can’t decipher.  And if you’re sending thank you notes, be sure to check out Something New: The Bride’s Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes by Emily Smith and Rachel Daniels.  The sisters have narrowed composing the perfect thank you note down to a science!

Image via SteelPetalPress

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