Headed to the Prom Tomorrow?

My grandparents - chaperones at a Southern Normal School dance

You’ve got the date, agonized over your dress and accessories, made your hair appointments, booked the limo and bought his boutonniere…it’s almost time for the prom!  Here are some “night before” tips to remember:

1.  Lay out your clothing and accessories the night before, and make sure your evening bag has extra cash, a safety pin, hairpins, a travel size stain remover and floss (for emergencies), and your powder and lipcolor (for quick touch-ups).

2.  Make sure you’ve practiced walking in your shoes.   If they’re brand new, walk across a driveway or sidewalk to roughen the soles and avoid slip-ups on your big night! 

3.  Tomorrow will be a whirlwind; try to get plenty of beauty rest!

4.  Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch the day of the event; you won’t be able to function on an empty stomach.

5.  Be sure to wear a button down shirt to your hair appointment.

6.  The day of the prom is not the day to try an unfamiliar beauty treatment like waxing. 

7.   Do you know how to enter and exit a car gracefully?  If wearing a long gown, gather it a little to keep the hem clear of the ground when getting in and out.  Practice a few times so you can do so smoothly.

8.  Make an entrance: hold your head up, keep your shoulders back and smile!  Enjoy a fabulous evening!

And for those of us whose prom nights have passed, enjoy walk down memory lane with First Lady Michelle Obama:

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