Do you know where you’re going to?

Mahogany – an over-the-top Diana Ross vehicle from 1975 and one of my all-time favorite movies – is airing tonight at 8 PM Central on Bounce TV! The wigs, the glamour, the drama! The Billy Dee Williams of it all! YES, darlings! *snaps fingers*

Seriously, there is some disco-fantastic fashion and a great storyline in this film. “The Boss” plays Tracy Chambers, a go-getter who works her way up from salesgirl to secretary to fashion muse and designer in Rome and finds out whether success without true love is worth it in the end. I’m going to watch in a chiffon caftan and bouffant hair. That seems only appropriate.

Fun fact: Mahogany was shot partially in Chicago’s State Street Marshall Fields, which is now a Macy’s flagship store.


Excuse Us.

We’re having a moment.  Enjoy.

Fashion Flashback: Billy Dee Williams

That hair! That voice! That mustache!  Whether he was fighting for the people and Mahogany’s love, romancing Billie Holiday, ruling Cloud City as Lando Calrissian, or reminding us that Colt 45 works every time, William December Williams, Jr. has done it with impeccable cool.  He even made some of  you want to buy Jovan Musk. Watch his number one fan here.

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