First Person Fabulous: Lynsey Weatherspoon

Lynsey Weatherspoon

Lynsey Weatherspoon, 27, is a freelance photographer and professor of public speaking at the University of Montevallo and Jefferson State Community College.  She recently chatted with SCDD about her unique sense of style, her photography work and the joys of living downtown.  Lynsey plans to spend her thirtieth birthday in Paris, which she feels is  “the best place for an artist to live or visit once in [his or her] life.”  Check out her website at

On her inspiration and working style:  My mom inspired me [to become a photographer]. She was my first photography teacher. I learned on a Minolta Film Camera.  I took one class at the University of Montevallo and went from there.  [When taking photos] I try to let the client get a feel for my personality first, and I try not to pose unless it’s needed.  There’s always a sense of art direction.

The biggest misconception about photographers?  I think most people believe that photography (or starting a photography business) is easy.   In my opinion it’s not.  It’s easy to buy a camera but it’s not easy to acquire skill.

Her personal style? I wear makeup when it’s necessary, but I don’t want anything to clog my skin so I don’t wear it every day.  I try to step out of my box every once in a while.  I do try to keep up with the latest trends but at the same I know everything is not for me.  I’m a jeans and tee shirt kind of person.  Jeans, tee shirts, oxfords and Chuck Taylors. Comfortable chic.  My mood [influences my look].  My go-to outfit is this suit I found at the Ann Taylor outlet in South Carolina.  Outlet shopping is, like the best thing ever.  Not only for clothes, but for shoes.

People would be surprised to know: That I own more than one pair of heels.   I wear them when necessary.

On being a naturalista:  I transitioned in 2009. I wanted to try something new, so I thought I’d start locs.  It was the best decision I could’ve made.  I just knew that I was doing the same thing, the same way every day with my hair. I don’t think my hair showed my true personality.  So I started transitioning in January 2009.  [I did the] big chop in July 2009 [and] started locing on October 2009. For me the whole reason I started [the process] was to learn patience. I knew there would be points where I either loved my hair or hated it but I wouldn’t call transitioning a challenge. I became a better person as far as [having more] patience. 

Tell us about a new beauty technique you recently tried:  [Do you mean] the painful beauty technique I just tried? I went to have my eyebrows threaded for the first time.  Though they look awesome, I wouldn’t suggest that the weak of heart to try it. As single tear dropped out of each eye [during the procedure].   I hope it lasts all the way to Classic weekend, because I’m not going back (laughs).  If it doesn’t then hey, at least I can say I tried it.  For $10, [it was worth trying once].

Trends Lynsey wishes would go away? For men:   Snap back hats.  They’re not fitted; they’re the old school snap backs.  They died for a reason. [And] wing tip loafers. Please make them die.  For women: Graphic tees with inappropriate slogans and sayings.

On living downtown:  Living downtown is the second best thing I could have done.  There’s  a vibe to downtown Birmingham.  You have to live here to understand.  Especially in my building, where we’re all artists.  Though I’ve been here 27 years, I finally feel like  Birmingham is home. Being in the mix of everything is a great feeling.

What’s Birmingham’s best kept secret?  Have you ever been to Reed Books on Third Avenue? That’s Birmingham’s best kept secret.  The owner is Jim Reed. It’s the holy grail of books.  You’ll find something new every time you walk in that place.

Any exciting plans in your future? I plan on going back to school next year to work on a PhD in Visual Communication and possibly going out of the country for my photography work.

Parting words of wisdom? Live out your dreams.  There’s no point in saying “I wish I would have,”  just go ahead and do it.

Image courtesy of Lindsey Griffin Photography


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