Straight from the Birmingham Fashion Week Runway: Kaylon Nichole

Kaylon Nichole wearing What Goes Around Comes Around, BFW 2012

Kaylon Nichole Brooks, 16, is from Lilburn, Georgia and has been modeling for 5 months.  We caught up with Kaylon and her mother, Stacey M. Cameron, just after Birmingham Fashion Week’s finale Saturday night.

How did you prepare for BFW?  “[By] asking my mom lots of questions about what I needed to do better [on the runway], practicing in my kitchen, and looking up videos on YouTube [which showed how to walk the catwalk].”

What do you think about as you stroll the runway?  “[Walking] clears my head and soothes me; it’s a relieving feeling.”

Any dream designers you’d like to work with?  “Versace!  Their stuff is so different; you know Versace when you see it.  They’re iconic; [wearing their designs] says that you’ve made it big.”

Do you have an agent?  “My mom! [Laughs]  She’s my ‘momager.’ ”

Okay, Mom, what did you think of the show?  “She did amazing!  I’ve been trying to get her to do it!”  Kaylon cut in, “My mom used to say I wanted to model secretly because I used to watch America’s Next Top Model all the time.  She told me then I’d model one day, but I didn’t believe it.  She finally convinced me, and I love it.”

She had the following advice for aspiring models: “Do your research.  Try to learn from the best, and you have to practice.  And, exercise and take care of your body.” 

How does she balance the demands of schoolwork with her budding career?

“My mom keeps me on track.  It is a struggle at times but she lets me know that school comes first.”

Images courtesy Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography


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