…Denzel is covering the October issue of GQ. (His hair, though! Is this a re-emerging trend for gents? The afro and the Caesar?)

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When you’re finished drooling, ladies, be sure to read the article by Michael Hainey.  Mr. Washington has this to say for African-American readers of GQ: 

“Take responsibility. One of the things that saddens me the most about my people is fathers that don’t take care of their sons and daughters. And you can’t blame that on The Man or getting frisked. Take responsibility. Look in the mirror and say, “What can I do better?” There is opportunity; you can make it. Whatever it is that you choose, be the best at it. You have an African-American president. You can do it. But take responsibility. Put your slippers way under your bed so when you get up in the morning, you have to get on your knees to find them. And while you’re down there, start your day with prayer. Ask for wisdom. Ask for understanding. I’m not telling you what religion to be, but work on your spirit. You know, mind, body, and spirit. Imagine—work the brain muscle. Keep the body in tune—it’s your temple. All things in moderation. Continue to search. That’s the best part of life for me—continue to try to be the best man.”

Images by Nathaniel Goldberg

The former Wheelchair Jimmy covers one of three special editions of GQ (and deservedly so, having shed the Cliff Huxtable sweaters and emo posturing).  If this is what young money looks like, well done. *slow hand clap and a wolf whistle*

Image via GQ

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