Recommended Reading: Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow

Ms. Jones’ tale of bigamy and sibling rivalry in 1980’s Atlanta is one of the year’s best.   Noted in this month’s O Magazine as well as Birmingham Magazine, it grips the reader from the first line to the very last.  It’s often hard to be shocked in this age of Sister Wives, Duggars ad infinitum and Kardashians on every channel, but Jones  (an Atlanta native) writes of a taboo subject with delicacy and deep understanding.  I would say more but I don’t want to give it away!  And once you finish this juicy – but not soap operatic -tale, make sure you pick up Leaving Atlanta, her debut novel.  Both are amazing, amazing books.

Silver Sparrow has deservedly been named a Semifinalist for Best Fiction in the Goodreads Readers Choice Awards; if you’ve read it and feel inclined, please vote it to the next round by clicking here (you have to sign in to Goodreads to do so).

For more on Tayari Jones, click here.

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