Laissez Les Bon Tide Rouler

I promised on Facebook that I’d second line if Bama beat LSU, so enjoy this  modified version since I didn’t get a parade permit.

This special parasol was a gift that was made just for me, and I’ve been saving it for a special occasion. Last night’s 29-0 win over the Tigers (the eighth time in a row) definitely qualifies! I do go a little bit overboard on Game Day, but it’s all in fun. I love having a parasol that celebrates my favorite football team (next to the New Orleans Saints) as well as my family’s heritage.

Cue up Rebirth Brass Band, because the  Crimson Tide is rolling straight to the SEC Championship game!

XO, Alexis


Ask Alexis: Help me get gameday glam!

Q: What shoes would you recommend I wear to my alma mater’s upcoming college homecoming? -A TSU Tigerbelle

A: Go Big Blue! Without knowing the exact details of your ensemble (but I assume some blue and white are involved), I’d say you have plenty of chic options.  If you’re going to be strolling the campus, observing a parade, stomping your feet at a pep rally or bonfire, or traipsing through multiple tailgates, now is not the time to break out the 4 inch stilettos.  The damage to your toes is not worth it, nor is hobbling attractive.  Save the high heels for the alumni reception or banquet (or the after party circuit!). 

Instead, you could try a neutral wedge bootie, a cap-toe ballet flat, or even a tuxedo flat.  Since your mascot is pretty fierce, why not carry over the theme to your shoes, such as with Dolce Vita’s ‘Lissa’ flat ($79 at Belk)?  I’m also loving Dolce Vita’s ‘Pilar’ wedge lace-up bootie (in 3 different neutrals, $99 at Belk), and Bandolino’s ‘Abundant’ bootie (also at Belk).  The wedge will give you the lift without the pain of a stiletto heel (which can be gruesome on pavement/stadium cement). A word of caution: make sure the hem of your denim is long enough to keep the top edge of the bootie covered when you’re seated.  Other flat but fabulous options: ‘Slipified’ by Kenneth Cole, ‘Favoryte’ by Steve Madden, ‘Eavan’ by Steve Madden, ‘London’ by Coach and ‘Lunna’ by Dolce Vita (all at Belk!).

School your former classmates on style by opting for a bold shoe, or even by pairing a rich cobalt blue and black together in your ensemble (super “in” for this fall).  Leave your shoulder bag at home; opt for a sleek crossbody bag to carry your essentials. Accessorize with a bright pashmina as the temps fall, but leave the tiger ears and tail at home. Above all, be comfortable: spend a day or two breaking in your shoes, and add inserts for extra cushion.

And don’t forget your pompoms!

Images via Tennesse State University

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