Haute or not? Steve Harvey Women’s Collection

The Steve Harvey Women’s Collection debuts at K&G stores today.  I heard all about it via his radio show this morning as one of his daughters promoted the line (I kept waiting for someone to yell “Think like a man; dress like a lady!”).  The collection, which include accessories, hosiery, separates and dresses (in solids and prints composed of polyester/rayon/spandex blends), are sold for $49.99 or less.  The line is marketed as “fashion that works for the office and beyond” to women sizes 8-24 who want look fabulous on a budget (which is commendable), but I don’t see anything particularly special or inspiring about the pieces.  You can purchase a silky secretary blouse with a necktie, a nondescript pencil skirt or a paneled dress from Saks to Macy’s to Forever 21 right now.  And the double breasted belted jacket should be avoided at all costs.  However, I did appreciate seeing the pieces on “real” women; winners of a model search were styled in some of the pieces and are featured on the website.

Personally, I’ll pass.  But I wonder if we’ll see Mrs. Harvey wearing it?   And will you be heading over to K&G to check out the line?

Image via K&G

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