Fashion Flashback: Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Ahhh, Fashion Fair!  Just the name brings back memories of ladylike pink compacts and lipstick cases, of berry lipsticks and frosty eyeshadows.  Visiting Miss Ann at the makeup counter in Pensacola’s Gayfers department store was always a treat, because she would make sure we left loaded with free samples!  I couldn’t wait to grow up just so Miss Ann could make me over.  For women who came of age before MAC, Lancome, and other department store cosmetic brands catered to women of color, Fashion Fair celebrated our glamour in all its hues (just as its creators’ – Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnson – showcased the best of African-American lifestyles in Ebony magazine each month).   The prestige brand has recently enjoyed a resurgence, and veteran celeb makeup artist Sam Fine  has been named creative director.   Take a look back at some of Fashion Fair’s chic vintage ads below (featuring Diahann Carroll, Nancy Wilson,  Natalie Cole and Aretha Franklin)!

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Images courtesy of Vintage Black Glamour


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