“Dynasty” to return to TV

Do I even really have to explain how excited I am about the combination of dramatic storylines and opulent clothing and fabulous sets? No? 

Didn’t think so.

Instead, while we wait for the nighttime soap opera’s return to television, I’m sharing my favorite clip from the series, featuring the one and only Diahann Carroll as the mysterious and glamourous Dominique Deveraux.

Why does this matter? Every African-American actress in a leading role on television today owes a debt to Ms. Carroll, who broke ground in the 1960s as nurse and single mom Julia, and as Dynasty’s elegant sphinx. Her roles (along with Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura, Eartha Kitt as Catwoman, and others) opened up society’s view to the fact that women of color could and should be much more than flat stereotypes.

Read more about Dynasty’s reboot by clicking HERE.

And in this clip, Ms. Carroll discuss how the role came to be. 

P.S. Yes, I am a child of the 80’s. NO, I was not named for Alexis Carrington. 

#TBT: Chick stole my look!

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

Beat the odds of running into your “twin” by shopping early and always putting a personal spin on ensembles. I NEVER buy an outfit exactly as it appears on a mannequin, and I expand my search for special pieces and accessories outside the “usual” stores. And on the rare occasion that it does happen, grin and bear it gracefully. Don’t walk around pouting; that certainly won’t improve your overall look!

On another note, who else misses Dynasty? The fabulous wardrobes! The shade! The catfights! They just don’t make night-time dramas like this anymore. *sigh*

Link photo via Georgina Chapman/ Instagram

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