The Secret of My Success

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The ballerina bun I’ve been rocking has gotten so many unexpected compliments that I thought I should come clean.  I use a very nifty bun-maker made by Conair, which I purchased at Ulta for $4.99.  The kit contains a ponytail holder, 4 hairpins, and the bun-maker (It looks like a fake donut. Seriously. But it’s actually magic in a box.).

All you do is brush your hair into a ponytail, then slide the bun-maker over it until it meets your scalp.  Wind your hair around the form – tucking it in as you go – secure with a pin, and voila!  For extra volume or to try the messy bun look, tease your ponytail with a rat-tail comb, then wind, tuck and pin.  This makes a great protective hairstyle if you’re avoiding heat, and seriously, it takes less than five minutes to do. It’s perfect for Monday mornings or when you have very little time.   And it just looks polished no matter where you’re going. I’m wearing my bun in a topknot, or sometimes at the nape of my neck.  Apparently you can buy even larger hair donuts at beauty supply stores; I can’t wait to style even more height-defying buns!

(And for some #Throwback Thursday fun: I’m the one with the bun in the last photo, circa 1986. Thanks Mom!)

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