This golden night was the only time I saw my grandfather shed a tear. My grandmother just floated. I think they had a fairly simple wedding, but this was the grand celebration they deserved, thrown by their children 50 years later. They were so happy and surprised and there was so much love and joy in that ballroom. (See where my love of fancy sequined gowns comes from?) I learned about love from them. About sacrifice, and hospitality, and faith. I learned about baseball, and big band music, the best way to butter yeast rolls and make peach cobbler and the beauty of a hostess’ caftan from them. I learned about endurance from them.

I’m grateful I got to celebrate them and WITH them.

I remember them. And I miss them every day.

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4 thoughts on “They were grand.

  1. Grand they Were and Forever ✨✨✨
    Thanks So Very Much for Your Heartfelt Tribute.
    My Heart is Beaming and Overflowing with Emotion.
    Daughter & Chlid #10 Philisia 💛

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