Be the hostess with the mostest!


As activities move indoors for game nights, girls’ night and dinner parties, the aim of any good host or hostess is to ensure their guests feel welcome. And there are some chic but super simple and affordable ways to entertain with intention but not break your budget!  Here are our tips for welcoming your guests for short or long-term visits:

  1. First, think about what makes YOU feel like a VIP when you are visiting for an evening or even an extended stay. Then incorporate those touches in your home. If you’re staying out of town at a hotel you get your own KEY, right? And you also generally have free access to WIFI. So perhaps you give your guests their own key so they can come and go without waiting on you, make it easy for them to connect to your home internet.
  2. Next, consider about your bed and bath linen. Who doesn’t like crisp SHEETS and plush BATH TOWELS? Are your towels ratty or discolored? Do your sheet sets still match?  When was the last time you bought new sets? If you need to, upgrade yours with affordable options for TJMaxx and Home Goods. While you’re there, pick up some luxe BATH PRODUCTS and indulge yourself after your guests have head home!
  3. If you can’t spend every minute with weekend guests, make it easy for them to find their way around your city. Be ready with  SUGGESTIONS for local attractions, restaurants and shopping venues. This frees up your time and theirs!
  4. Stressed about what to serve? Consider easy but delish SNACKS that you can leave in your guest room for them to enjoy. Fun, budget-friendly gourmet options can be found at local stores like TJ Maxx and World Market, and these can even be customized for guests with certain dietary sensitivities or those who are health conscious.
  5. RELAX! The object should be enjoying your company, not sweating over the details.


Image via Etsy


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